P.D . Model Sec. School established in the memory of beloved mother Parvati Devi of Shri Mange Ram Nimbhle , founder of the SCHOOL and this Educational Institution , Sharde Parvati Devi was very much keen to educate the society , which was too far from the education . Her firm belief is the important ingredients of an individual personality , is education as it is essential to achieve the Goal of Quest for excellence .

Mission and its Aims

The School import education based on the latest global trends and affordable best suited to the Indian Developing Society . The aims of the Parvati Devi Educational Society is to educate modernity with the traditional value system and culture of India in accordance with the demand with the demand of the changing time.

The School Motto

A lotus which is in muddy water , grown up with the inspiration of sun rays an individual can also develop with his work to educate his personality or life.