P.D . Model Sec. School established in the memory of beloved mother “Parvati Devi” of Shri Mange Ram Nimbhle , founder of the SCHOOL and this Educational Institution , Sharde Parvati Devi was very much keen to educate the society , which was too far from the education . Her firm belief is the important ingredients of an individual personality , is education as it is essential to achieve the Goal of Quest for excellence .

Mission and its Aims

The School import education based on the latest global trends and affordable best suited to the Indian Developing Society . The aims of the “Parvati Devi Educational Society “ is to educate modernity with the traditional value system and culture of India in accordance with the demand with the demand of the changing time.

The School Motto

A lotus which is in muddy water , grown up with the inspiration of sun rays an individual can also develop with his work to educate his personality or life.