Things that separates a man from an animal are his thoughts. As thoughts are seeds of all emotions, lets plant only good pure seeds, so that the fruits will be the best. Punctuation is treated as an integral part of our communication skills at all levels. We practise the use of punctuation marks in our day to day lives. How about using the full stop to our negative thoughts.......??? A good thought everyday provides the necessary nutrient and stimulant seeded for the mind and the soul. Being a voracious reader over the years, I have come across some thoughts of men with depth, sensitivity, wisdom and basic common sense.

The fragrance cannot be stifled and constrained, so also good thoughts. So go ahead, our the fragrance of these thoughts, let them permeate your heart and soul, imbibe them in your behaviour and cherish them throughout your life.

If you miss an opportunity, do not allow tears to cloud your eyes. Keep your vision clear, so that you do not miss the next one.

Mind your words as a slip of the foot we may recover, but a slip of tongue leaves a deep imprint.

When you burn with the fire of anger, smoke gets in your eyes and you lose more than your temper. Use calmness and tolerance to air condition your mind.

How about using only sweet and loving words as they do not cost even a penny.

Every child, however weak he may be, has to have at least one virtue. How about picking that one up?

Ensure that the impact of your actions however ordinary, be positive, productive and creative.

How about increasing your capacity for dealing with problems? Everyday brings its set of associated problems, so what matters is how you face them.

If you have the habit of minding other people business, your own business will become bankrupt.

When you stop leaning on excuses, you become really independent.

Self control will give you unlimited control.

Hope is the rope that swings you through life, so never lose it.

Since knowledge is wealth, ask yourself How wealthy am I ?

Do not be concerned only about your rights, but whether or not you are right.......

Mahesh Kumar.