The Head of the school may recommend withdrawal of a student from the school should the students conduct, behavior or influence on others be detrimental to the general discipline and interest of the school. The recommendations would be put up to the Chairman of the managing Committee, for final decision.

Conditions for withdrawal

A) A student who fails in class for two successive years or fails twice in three years.

B) Any student caught cheating or using unfair means during an examination may not only be given zero but also expelled.

C) In case a student stops attending school without any information to the school authorities, his/her name will be struck off from the school rolls after 15 days of absence

D) PUNISHMENT In case of gross misbehavior, the discipline committee recommends the issue of a written in the form of Red Card Issuance of three red cards leads to expulsion and the Head of the school has the right to refuse continuation of studies. However, the punishment is administered only with a view to correct the deviant behaviors of the child.